Any plant lovers out there?

If anybody is interested in plants, esp. flowers, please let me know about any online groups I could join in Taiwan. Thanks.

I’m not much into plants, and I couldn’t find exactly what I think you’re looking for, but since you haven’t gotten a response in about a week, I decided to post what I found. I’m not sure if any of this will help you, but here goes:

Here are some Forumosa threads that talk about gardening and related stuff:

Here are a couple of threads from Taiwanease: … 12856.html … 10190.html

Here’s a Chinese-language site that I found in the second Taiwanease thread linked above; the Chinese-language site has all kinds of stuff, but I think it contains forums about gardening or gardening-related stuff:

Here’s a vegetable gardening blog that I found–I don’t remember how I found it, but I must have found it on Forumosa, or on Taiwanease, or by Googling: … ction.html

Anyway, I hope someone comes along and gives you better info.

Charlie Jack

The large ones with a long slender chimney always get me going.