Any speculation on when/if mask mandates will be lifted

I’m getting sick of wearing my mask. When will it get lifted? One more year? Two more years? This summer? Will it ever get lifted or is this just how we have to live forever?

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Now that Chen has political aspirations, not for a long time.


After the initial spike when borders open

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Someone posted an article yesterday (?) suggesting that Chen expects us to wear masks forever.

Outdoor mask wearing will end relatively soon if we do the impossible and stay zero-ish free.

No they didn’t. Stop telling porkies.

Yeah, they did. It was an interview with him in which he suggested that masks were going to be part of the landscape for the foreseeable future. I’m pretty sure I’m not misremembering that. There are so many of these clips, and so many threads, I can’t remember where it was now.

It’s not the quote I’m thinking of, but this comment is from today’s Taipei Times:

“An easing of restrictions is planned for the near future, he said, adding that masks and social distancing would still be required, but mask mandates could be lifted at some sites.”

So no change on the mask front, whatever “easing” might be contemplated. The simple fact that masks are completely useless suggests that he’ll have to maintain them indefinitely, otherwise it’ll become obvious that they are/were completely useless.


No you’re not misremembering, he did actually say that a little while back. It was probably in the Taiwan news or Focus Taiwan where I saw it.

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This is what you wrote. Please try harder to write things that bear some semblance to reality. Forever is a very very long time. It’s a day in the future when the rain has stopped.


Chen has a quasi-religious belief in masks (or at least expects the rest of us to adopt such a belief - it’s hard to tell if he takes his own pronouncements seriously). And he’s stated fairly clearly that he has no plans to allow us to breathe freely again. He seemed to imply - and again I’m paraphrasing - that even if the power to enforce such things were taken away from him, we should all be good little zombies and keep wearing them anyway.

I suppose technically “forever” means until he gets fired, or until Nature gives him a good ass-whupping. But that’s as close to “forever” as I want to get.


I reckon the day will come when a good portion of the population will just say, fuck this.

Don’t know when though. I never wear a mask on my scooter when it’s raining because it’s obviously insane to do so. You end up with a wet mask which you have to throw away. But I’m literally the only person on my commute that does this. Every other dickhead wears a mask in pouring rain. Insanity.


You’re not the only one!
Last week I was refused service at CPC because I didn’t have a mask on. Seems the old lady didn’t care that I was wearing a full face helmet with the shield down. Surprised she could even see through the foggy shield. Anyways, the young guys around the corner didn’t care.
Seems things are shifting though, seeing a lot less compliance on the streets these days.


You should wear a mask, as required—and also as a courtesy to others you wish to interact with. It’s basic manners.



Where on earth do you get this idea? Basic manners is saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, not virtue-signalling with your magic talisman.

Ultimately this is going to be a massively divisive issue that’s going to be decided - just as in other countries - by protests and social upheaval.


Unless you have a fully closed helmet?

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It’s funny when you see people here nonchalantly walking into stores like Family mart, with full face helmets on. Should I be getting on the ground?

I’ve started noticing a few people walking along the streets, going into convenience stores maskless, here in Banqiao. However I see the people riding scooters with no helmets are still wearing masks. I saw someone maskless in a convenience store near 101 on New Year’s Eve, but he was chewing betelnut and people were asking him why he never took them up on their invitations to eat with them…


Am I the only person who feels a little claustrophobic wearing a mask?

I always wear it and ignored the discomfort at first but after all this time it’s starting to feel worse. I feel stressed after wearing it all day. I know it sounds stupid/ like I’m just whining but after a while its starting to wear on me.

Just exhausting thinking that we might never be allowed to take them off

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Realized this the other day when I was sitting in the park with at least 10 other people and was the only one wearing a mask :grinning: The uber compliant foreigner


I haven’t noticed it with masks In Taipei, but most people stopped scanning qr codes unless staff makes them