Any Taiwan rock melons as sweet as Hokkaido Rock Melons?

So far I did not find any, maybe it is the climate or just the care/price in it as rock melons in Taiwan are somewhat cheaper.

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Shouldn’ t this be in Dating and Relationships?


They do exist, but only about 1 in 20 is as sweet as the Japanese ones. It’s really a numbers game - the more you eat, the higher the chance that one hits the spot.

Did not understand this, maybe my culture difference, in your country rock melons are part of dating? In Japan it is not but I can learn something new.



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Are you asking about cantaloupe? Not sure what a rock melon is exactly.

No, I think the OP means spanspek.


I deduced spek might mean “melon” in Dutch, but it actually means “bacon”. The plot thickens.

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That’s a really interesting story you’ve got me reading now.

I have work to do, darnit!

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Yes, spanspek = rockmelon

The South African English name spanspek is said to be derived from Afrikaans Spaanse spek (‘Spanish bacon’); supposedly, Sir Harry Smith, a 19th-century governor of Cape Colony, ate bacon and eggs for breakfast, while his Spanish-born wife Juana María de los Dolores de León Smith preferred rock melons, so South Africans nicknamed the eponymous fruit Spanish bacon .[[5]]However, the name appears to predate the Smiths and date to 18th-century Dutch Suriname: J. van Donselaar wrote in 1770, " Spaansch-spek is the name for the form that grows in Suriname which, because of its thick skin and little flesh, is less consumed.

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Nice juicy-looking melons!!!,

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Yes, although I like to wait till they get a little softer.

Googled both names (rock melon/spanspek), are you guys sure they arent cantaloupe?

I was feigning ignorance for comedic effect.

Doesn’t work online

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Oh haha, got it. Used to common name debates with plants, so i dont get comedic styling of the botanical word.

Probably the lack of sweetness is simply variety related and chemicals used for speed, poor soil, size, shipping and shelf life etc

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No worries.I had to explain it which proves it didn’t work. My bad!


Rock Melon


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Yip --Ginza melons, while generally smaller in size, can be high maintenance.

Cheers for that! This is the first time i have ever heard of rock melons. The links you shared, we call the rock melon a cantaloupe in western canada. Not that i am saying its right (i am very ignorant about melons) moreso that this goe to show how common names create problems sometimes. And to be fair, in western canada people call orange sweet potatoes yams, so ya…

haha, yes many names. So what are they called in Eastern Canada (if they have them?)

edit: I found this maybe OKA melons which look like a Rock Melon?: