Any teachers here from the Taipei European School?

i am an ex- buxiban teacher from Taiwan who is now qualified back home and looking at applying for the TES soon (ish). Would love to hear from anyone who currently works there and can tell me what it is like,

thanks in advance

That must be a no then!!

ok, has anyone known anyone who worked there, or heard anything about the school, good or bad!!

This place must be an enigma!! I promise if no-one replies this time i will shut the **** up!! OK.


pleased you agree…

…im being quiet now…


Someone who left my school, er… involuntarily, works (worked?) in the British school. That’s the best I can offer you.

oh well, just thought it was worth a try or three!!

Yes, I know someone who worked there.

The school is overall very good. Good quality & friendly teaching staff. Management OK. It has its faults e.g. lack of good sporting facilities.

The pay (2004)is about US$42K per year tax free, plus for ex pats they provide accomodation allowance etc.

is that all? wow - i thought they raked it in.

how does that compare to TAS?

Thanks a lot for that. It is nice to hear input from anyone about this. Most people have a lot of good things to say about the school. And i think the salary is pretty good really. As you would certainly make over 100k a month with sick pay, holiday pay (with UK holidays… yippee) etc. When i was working as an unqualified teacher in Taiwan i could make that much, but only if i worked a lot of hours. And didn’t get any paid holidays, etc. As long as the atmosphere in TES is professional i think i would be more than happy!! Errr… have to get a job first!!

Currently in England, on half term break - its been raining all week!! I do miss taiwan, especially the food :slight_smile:

[quote=“AWOL”]is that [$42K US, without taxes, + housing allowance] all? wow - I thought they raked it in.

how does that compare to TAS?[/quote]

clearly I spent the last two years of my life in the wrong industry.

Teaching is great, but not just for the money :slight_smile: I wont say any more at the risk of sounding cheesy!!