Any tips on CAD software... and where to find it?


I’m looking to pick up some Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) software. Basically, I need something that’s capable of good (i.e. simple & stable) 3D modelling. I had “MiniCad” in mind, as I’ve used it before and was happy with the results. I suppose the latest version of AutoCad would also do quite nicely, but it might take a little longer to get up to speed.

Is there anyone out there who’s up-to-date on CAD packages (there’s so many on the market…) & can give an opinion on which to use? I’d be interested in hearing what other users had to say about the various packages.

And, can I pick up a version at the computer market (that hopefully won’t cost an arm & a leg…)?

Cheers :wink: ,

The Big Babou

Try IntelliCAD 2000. It’s free and is Autocad compatible. … ctionid=26

download Kazaa-lite and search for (demo) CAD software, try before you buy.