Any way to borrow a car to practice driving without a license?

Hey guys, I’m turning 18 in less than a month and want to get my driver’s license. I’m moving to the US in August, but prefer to get a license here due to personal reasons. My mom suggested driving school, but it’s expensive and I don’t want to burden her financially. Also heard they don’t actually prepare people for the real world and I barely know any Chinese. She has friends with cars, but I doubt they would let a 17 year old drive their car. Do you guys have any suggestions? Wish it was as easy getting a hold of a scooter lol.

You should go to driving school since the Taiwanese test is about passing the test and not the actual driving. I am a competent driver with 10+ years experience before I took the Taiwanese one, driving always came very natural to me. I also did a lot of kart racing when I was a teen around the country and had 2 karts to race with every week so that’s probably why. And even then…I am glad I went to 1-2 lessons. It’s about knowing how to pass the course.

Since you don’t know how to even drive, you will fail without practicing the course for sure.

I would suggest you do it in the US if you don’t know Chinese. The English written test sucks and is worded strangely. Many people fail for this reason, I think I actually failed the first time by 1 question in English. My school was nice and let me retake it again. Something you won’t have if you do it on your own.

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it’s only 10000 TWD to go to school mate. Also depending where you go in the US getting a licence can be as easy as driving around the block.

Go to a legitimate driving school in the US. Learn proper safety techniques and defensive driving skills, not how to turn the wheel in a reverse S-curve.

Your life (and the lives of others) depends on it.

(Note: do this regardless of whether you take the test and get a license first here in Taiwan.)


Be smart and do it in the US. August is not long.

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I wanted to get the license here, cause it would be difficult getting a hold of a car to practice with in the US. Definitely want to actually learn to actually drive. The written test wasn’t hard, at least the simulation one they had on their website, but looking at the s turn was another story. Getting a license in US is way easier and realistic, so I think I’ll go with that route.