Any workshops in Taipei for jobs searches?

looking at eventbrite and meetups and there is few and far between events about career information for foreigners…help

Perhaps @manuscr1pt has some info to share?

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I imagine a better bet is to gain the attention of the local recruiting agencies.

That may be true if OP were looking for job vacancies. 104 and 1111 job boards would be good online options too.
But my guess is that they are interested in career development /networking, to which events and workshops would be more appropriated.

There was a panel recently about how to find US-based remote jobs. Can’t find the post, unfortunately.

Edit: try this workshop

You can go to this event

There area also the events from Contact Taiwan:


  • Career Talk and Alumni Sharing Webinar(NKUST, CJCU, STUST,STU,ASIA, CCT) on Oct 7th
  • Career Talk & Employment Meeting at NCCU on Oct 16th
  • One-on-One Employment Meetings in Taipei on Oct 30th
  • One-on-One Employment Meetings in Tainan on Nov 13th
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You may find this article helpful too:


Most of the actual workshops and skills courses in Taiwan are in Mandarin - there are many and they are popular, if you speak the language.

We offer quite a few tips and resources on the All Hands Taiwan blog, so feel free to do some browsing there.

I will share a bit of relevant insider information that hasn’t been announced publicly yet: All Hands will have an International Job Fair on 11/21 as part of Meet Taipei. At our last job fair we had 25+ companies and over 1,000 attendees and this event will be bigger than that one. Watch the All Hands website or Facebook to see when the job fair event is posted in the next 10 days or so.

Before the job fairs we usually have resume- and interview-focused events with HR and headhunting professionals.

Regarding Contact Taiwan, it’s best to know going in that it’s a government-funded org that’s more focused on helping manufacturing companies than job seekers.

Good luck!