Anybody living in Toucheng Yilan?

Hey yall!

I’ve been lurking this website for along time but this is my first time posting.

As of a few days ago I’ve moved to Toucheng in Yilan. Does anybody else live out here? How do you like living out here?

I’m looking to get into surfing. What are some of the best surf spots?

Anybody living out here feel free to PM me.

Although I’m not in Yilan myself, I know you’re living right next to one of the best surf spots out there. Have you visited Wai Ao yet?

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I went to check out waiao the other day. It was very busy but it looks like a good place to learn. The waves look small and easy for someone starting out.

Do I need to worry about sharks?
I asked about sharks on the taiwan subreddit but everyone wasn’t very helpful.

Naw, I don’t think that’ll be an issue. There’s been like fewer than five shark attacks here in Taiwan in the last hundred years or something.

Do, however, watch out when they take the horses trotting around out there. I saw them dropping a trail of massive logs right out by the water. I know the ocean is a big place, but still…nasty.

Also, it’s a black sand beach, so on a particularly hot and sunny day it’ll feel like burning coals on your feet.

Otherwise it’s a good ol’ time.

Google said the same thing about shark attacks. I swim in the ocean in front of my apartment and I’m often the only person in the water. It makes me a tad nervous. Especially since I don’t know the area at all.

I see a lot of forigners around here but I never get a chance to really talk to them about sharks.

I really wouldn’t worry about the sharks. Just be mindful of rip currents.

If you’re still nervous, don’t go swimming by yourself until you feel comfortable. You only just got there, after all.

I’ve seen some pretty sketchy rip currents here.

Head to Drifter’s in Waiao to meet up with the local big noses. They have some cool parties coming up.

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I’ll be sure to check that out. It looks like it’s only a few minute bike ride from my house.

Do you live out here?

Nah, I cruise out there on occasion.

I see lots of foreigners when I walk around but I have the feeling that none of them actually live in Toucheng.

Other than the dude that said hi to me in my building this afternoon. If you’re reading this send me a PM.