Anyone can help about house/room rental?

Hi, I’m going to study in Taiwan, but I haven’t know yet which university will accept me (Tunghai, Providence, Chaoyang). May anyone can help me about housing around the area? Shalu district, Xitun district, Wufeng district. Please help. Thank you.
NB :

  • washing machine
  • allow to cook use electric stove
  • air con
  • hot water
  • one queen size bed
  • around 50.000-60.000 NTD / year

Or can anyone recommend me a housing website or sort of? thanks in advance dear friends.

Facebook has a number of pages dedicated to renting rooms and apartments. Renting is done by the month so you’re looking to spend around $5000. There are definitely places available out there, but you have to be picky. Bigger cities are going to be more expensive and the closer you are to the school just as well. As a foreigner, many landlords will automatically charge you more. If you have a Taiwanese friend, then they might be able to help you. Some schools might also have dorms available. That said, if you expect A/C then it’s going to be more expensive.

Head to
Use autotranslate feature.
Remember electric bill and sometimes other bills are not included in the monthly rent.
On rare occasion landlord charge according to Taipower electric bill. Otherwise ask how much per kWh of electricity.
4-5 TWD/kWh is normal. 6 TWD per kWh or more are expensive.
Call landlord/agent by saying:
Wo kan ni de fangzi zai wujiuyi, wo yao kan yi kan. Keyi ma? Shenme shihou keyi?
To arrange a visit.

If you do attend university, there will be someone from Office of International Affairs to help you with arranging accommodation.
You should not seal the deal without seeing the place directly. Never send any money to landlord as well.