Anyone done the Three Gorges river trip lately?

I’ve never done the Three Gorges boat trip before but am planning to do it with my mother in late August or September (it’s something she’s always wanted to do for some reason).

There’s a lot of information on the web, but it’s hard to sort out what is current in light of the gradually rising water levels following completion of the dam, so a couple of questions to anyone in the know –

  1. Do you recommend the three-day river trip or the five-day river trip (or is the latter now superfluous since some of the original scenery is already underwater, e.g. the mini Three Gorges and the “mini mini” Three Gorges – anyone know the current status of these?).

  2. We’re interested in spending a few days visiting some old villages within a day’s road travel of Chongqing before setting out on the boat trip. However, I’ve just discovered that the village I most wanted to see – Tancheng – is already being dismantled and moved to higher ground. Does anyone recommend any other destinations in the area that are still intact and accessible?

  3. Will it be really hot on the river in late August – that timing is convenient for us, but may postpone until mid or late-September if I hear from those who’ve done it that it would be miserable in August.

Much thanks for any information.