Anyone familiar with (US/Taiwanese) Chinese scholarships

I’m curious if anyone here is (or has ever been) on scholarship either from the US or Taiwanese government. I got a bunch of information from the US Dept. of Education about scholarship opportunities, but, as is usually the case concerning my scholastic endeavors, I don’t exactly fit the mold of a student looking for a scholarship.

It seems to me that the scholarships the US government (who is desperately trying to get people to learn “critical” languages like Chinese) offers scholarships to students currently enrolled in American universities – which I am not, though I understand why it’s a requirement.

On the other hand, the packet also includes information on scholarships offered by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. These are offered to undergrads, masters, and Ph.d students. What I’m not totally sure of is if you must be considered an undergrad here or in the US. It doesn’t say anything about being enrolled in the US, but I’m just not clear.

If anyone hangin’ around the forum is familiar with ANYTHING relating to getting funding to study Chinese, here, I’d appreciate it. By this, though, I mean mostly personal experience. I’ve read plenty of websites talking about this stuff and, like I said, a 40 page packet full of information, but these sources tend to assume someone is enrolled in another institution in their home country which I’m not, and I want to enroll here.