Anyone flying on EVA to USA? Dog escort needed

Is anyone flying to the USA this week on EVA airlines? We adopted a dog in Taiwan, and we’re trying to get him back to the states with us. We need someone to escort our dog to the airport in Taipei, and hand him off to our family members in the USA. Preferably Houston, but the location is negotiable.
We’re able to compensate those who help us. PM if you can help us!

If you can’t find anyone, there are children’s charities for children without parents in Taiwan that could use the money.

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OP, ask around on Facebook groups like Taiwan Student Association of University of Texas in Houston, Austin, etc. They may be able to provide pointers or you might be able to find someone who is flying back to Texas! Good luck! :grinning:

Why can’t you go back with your dog if you’re also planning to return to the US?

Not OP. Lack of flights, specifically cargo space.