Anyone flying to Frankfurt/Germany in October? Urgent

Anyone flying to Frankfurt (am Main) airport in Germany ?
In October?

We need someone’s ticket to transport a former street dog on it. To an adopter already found in Germany.
Please contact me, we did it before, all paperwork is already done, no hassle.

ruediger “at”

Replace the “at”

OK, now we have shipped the poor souls as cargo. Because China airlines assured us they would be treated in the same way. And until they arrive, I’ll be a nervous wreck.

But we always need flight guardians, so tell me when you are going somewhere… :beatnik:

Animals Taiwan has a cat needing to go to Frankfurt too - any chance we could double-up? :slight_smile:

As we already have shipped out the dogs as cargo, we do not have an opportunity right now. But we will probably have a shipment in 3 or weeks again. So yes, we could probably combine that.