Anyone for Indoor rock climbing iClimb in Zhubei (Hsinchu)

Does anyone here go to iClimb or is interested in going regularly?
Would be nice to go with someone arranged beforehand instead of only trying to meet people there.
I’m interested in going weekdays, morning or night is fine.

Hi zads27,

I’m moving to Hsinchu in September. So if you’re still interested in a climbing partner, I would be interested!
Robin Xi.

Hi zads27 I visit IClimb a couple of times a week. So if you want to climb some time let me know. I only boulder now, but I am able to lead as well.

I am willing to go rock climbing with you. Do you know of any good fitness centers/ gyms in the area? I have read up on some horror stories on the gym industry in Taiwan. Thanks.

This is the worst rock climbing gym possible! Seriously! I have no idea how this has a rating above 1 stars. I have been to over 30 gyms in countries around the US, Europe, and asia and could never imagine a gym this bad. So what makes it so bad? There is like 10-15 routes in the gym, and what there is is completely just horrible. I am a solid climber who has been climbing for over 10 years in some of the worlds best outdoor destinations and I have a pretty good feel for a general range of ratings. But this place just has the worst ratings possible. I seriously could only climb 1 boulder problem (I usually climb V4-V6) and 2 rope routes (usually I climb high 11’s). It is just mind blowing how bad this gym is. There is holds everywhere on the wall for no reason, and the holds are all super old and have never been cleaned. The owners of this gym could not possibly care about the quality of product they are selling. No wonder it was completely empty. It was very disappointing. I travel for work and climb on the road all around and thought I had seen gyms that were not very good, but this place is undeniably just horrible. I would rather not train for the 2 months I am here than ever come back here. There are better gyms in Taipei so i guess I will take the train if I want to get a work out in or just climb in Long Dong. Please if you are the owner of this gym you should please just put it up for sale. You have no passion for offering a quality gym to your customers and it is just sad. So sad i went here. I cant imagine why someone would do this to such a beautiful place. When you walk in it looks nice at first glance. the walls have enough space for some good potential, but there is just nothing to climb. My climbing partner has been here a couple times just to do some finger exercises and offered to clean holds and set routes, but they said they would not allow it. I will stop by rant, but I am truly sad that the owners have an opportunity to introduce climbing to the Taiwanese population, but this place would never inspire a new climber to start or an experience climber to work out to become better. So sad… smh.

Just went for two hours, seemed like a pretty cool place. I’m looking for a partner there, is anybody interested?


I see that this thread is pretty old, but if there is anyone looking for a rock climbing partner / or if there is a rock climbing community, please let me know. I haven’t tried out any of the gyms yet, so any recommendations are also welcome!

I have climbed on and off for around a year, belay certified.

Just go and meet people there. Or join one of the climbing groups on FB. The gym the previous poster complained bitterly about is so “awful” that many of my Taipei climbing friends take the bus all the way to Xinzhu just to suffer it’s horrors.