Anyone got all in wonder and record tw shows in tw?

I am wondering if anyone got AIW video card and can record tw shows in tw…I am thinking about getting a video card and might get aiw…and later use it in tw…but can it be done? anyone know? I know you have to dl program guide from online but do they have tw program guide that you can dl? I kinda doubt that…and tivo ain’t available in tw yet…I am gonna buy the vid card soon so I will be really appreciate if anyone can tell me anything…thanks

you mean the ATI AIW 9800Pro?

i don’t have it - wish i did

i do have a TV card though. (winfast tv tuner) it works great for recording tv shows. i can even set it to view and record my security cam that is outside.

if you’re worried that the AIW can’t view taiwan tv channels, don’t. because i’m sure, as with my card, it’ll have a list of countries to choose from before it starts scanning for channels. it also has an option to choose air tv or cable. (also includes S-Video, CVBS and FM radio tuner [which is clearer than my $12k stereo :? ])

check that link above, it’ll tell you all about it
i’ll be buying on of those on my next upgrade, but first i need to find a job :blush: can anyone help out a poor unfortunate handsome (married) foreigner?