Anyone here own a washer-dryer combo?

The wife wants to buy one of those washing machines and dryers in a single unit. I’ve never used one, and was wondering if anyone would recommend buying one. They’re bloody expensive, and I want to be sure they really do the job.

Thanks! :sunglasses:

The dryer part doesn’t dry all that well. I bought the biggest most expensive LG Tromm model thinking it owuld dry the clothes properly after my wife warned me off of this type of machine. Washes well and it is extremely convenient when for example at night, you just fill it up and turn it on and wake up to fluffy dry clothes. It is a front loader energy efficient model, but I suggest a gas dryer for the best effect. See if they have a gas version in the combo option.

Anyway, if you still want one, I can sell you mine for a steal, less than 1 year old and it is their biggest and most expensive model. You can even try it out if you like. Will sell it to you for a great price.

The place I would rent in Bangkok had one and I absolutely loved it. Incredibly convenient unless you are doing huge amounts of laundry and are in a rush. But I also think the dryer is the weakest part of the machine - takes ages.

The problem tend to be that the dryer can’t dry as much as you can load in the washer, so you have to wash smaller amounts of washing if you want it to dry properly.
Also, if something goes wrong, they’re really expensive to have fixed.

I have the LG Tromm in my apt. The dryer cycle does not dry the clothes all the way (almost, but not completely dry – I have to hang the clothes to fully dry). It takes FOREVER to do one SMALL load of laundry (about 4 hours, sometimes longer depending on the size of the load). Compared to my U.S. washer and dryer this machine is a sorry substitute. But this is better than hanging completely wet clothes and waiting for that to dry. I have to do one load of laundry every other day to keep up with two people’s worth of clothes. At most, I have time to only do 2 or 3 loads in a day. This takes all day and night.

I have the LG tromm, and I find it great. I had a cheap one in Denmark and it was good as well.

That said, the separate solution might work better, as it will be cheaper to replace one, when it goes.

Also, those combo machines are known to have a shorter service life than the separate machines.

Thanks a lot for all of your input.

It sounds like seperate machines may be the way to go, I don’t really want “almost” dry clothes. I just wish they had the same machines we use back in Canada, they seem so much sturdier and practical.

RedMenace: You can find the same machines as the in the USA and Canada. Try the Kenmore and other USA appliance store in TienMu on DeXing and Zhong Cheng Rd’s northwest corner. Also try the Daiichi on the northside of Nanjing near HsingSheng. Also try searching online and try more appliance stores. Outside the Miramar shopping mall’s foodcourt in the basement there is also a place selling large size N. American appliances. By the way, checkout my website here. Would you like this one? It totally ROCKS! The best one I ever used, but I will buy a new one for my new house. It looks a little old and rusty, but there is no problems, it cleans up well and you can try it out first if you like. Take a look here