Anyone know what this bug is?

Anyone know what these bugs are? Not in Taiwan but I’m hoping someone will know what they are. All of the sudden a lot of them started to come in 2 days ago. Maybe 100+. They’re small and we’ve never had an issue with them until now. I live in the country side in Tuscany. I know bugs are part of the deal of living in the country side, but there’s 20 more of them just crawling around on my floor after I kill them.

image image image

they are some kind of isopod, not actually an insect. More like some kind of crustacean.

in USA you get a kind that are called pillbugs. they often live under rotting wood.

but these ones are just babies, a clutch of eggs must have just hatched somewhere. you should wait until they grow up:


That looks like my buddy Dave!

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Hes messing with you. Thats about as big as they get and they eat dead rotting stuff all day. Cant bite, not poisonous, will help your grapes grow.

Is it getting cooler in Italy? Sometimes bugs just try to move indoors as fall arrives. In September in some parts of the world, it’s ladybug invasions.


I killed this many just last night. There’s so many coming all day long.

Andrew, maybe you’d be interested

its just a woodlouse

Woodlice can also invade homes en masse in search of moisture and their presence can indicate dampness problems. They are not generally regarded as a serious household pest as they do not spread disease and do not damage sound wood or structures.


Check out this one
Turns out hammerhead worms are a thing?

I will check but I don’t see anything that’s out of the ordinary from before. Maybe it is due to weather? It got cooler for fall rather quickly.

It could be its tail…

Andrew, may i ask the actual reason you are killing them? Then we can find a solution to the issue. As they are no threat to anything in your existence.

I am from a place sort of similar to ylu in Italy, but colder. We have them too, in fact they are almost all introduced species from Europe. As mentioned previous, in winter they find shelter. Theybalsonreally like rotting shit. People often say old wood but more accurately ita fungus on the wood.

Check your areas, especially eater pipes underground.

I have spent 3 summers going back to my tp fix termite issues. If you are invested there i highly suggest digging.up the grpund, laying pipe, properly graded drain rock and fixing the moisture issue

Only then can you start to tackle rotten wood.

Some kind of flatworm, Chinese is 渦蟲. Seen them out on the mountains a few times.

The house I’m staying at is over 500 years old haha. Wood and stone.

I’m killing them because there are so many on my floors, walls, and everything. I come home and my floor and walls are littered with them in most rooms.


Damn man. Are those tiles actually rotting? Or is it an artistic thing, making them val. Hehe gotta love perspective.

The house is old, not an issue. There are ways to drain the land and make the house drier which will help preserve it. If its temporary forget it. If you own it feel free to message me can discuss.

Otherwise, the isopods like fungal smells and rotting stuff. Can “trap” them.somewhat but not like you would other pests. If you really want them gone, gotta make the house dry.

From where do they enter your house?

They like humidity and rotting wood, probably led by the smell of certain fungus.

If they are central around one or a couple places, set one or more traps of a good piece of rotting tree trunk etc. on a plastic tray that they can walk right onto. Then make it a daily routine of shaking them off somewhere outside your house.

This is probably a seasonal issue. And let’s hope that it’s not the wooden structural parts of your house that are rotting attracting them.

Otherwise, find a way to like them. Let them walk onto your hand. And think “hey, they’re kinda cute actually!”

Just the way they are. The house is well maintained and costly to do so. It’s actually 3 houses making a villa that my girls family owns. We stay at one of them. The houses are connected but not actually connected from the inside, I have no idea why you would build them together but not have them actually connect on the inside lol. Must be a reason.

Any advice on how to make a trap?

I’m not really sure.

Mostly the kitchen. I’ll try to keep it dry. But there’s only so much I can do with this old house.

Lime a townhouse. Rowhousing. They do the same in taiwan. Though i bet yours has that nice old.rustic appeal which makes them actually very appealing but todays standards.

Traps are hard. In the sense you can lure them in but, unlike ants/roaches/rats etc, you cant expect to poison them. Or can you? I wont help with that because these isopods are actually a good thing not a bad thing. But ylu can lure them in and collect them and do as you wish. I suggest tossing them in a forest away from the house instead of killing them. They like humidity (being a crustacean) they are attracted to rotting things and fungi. Think mushrooms and yeast. And they like dark. You can make a trap easily by placing those baits in a plastic container and letting them come in. They can climb ast but not great and might give up for easier prospects so its easier to let the top of the container be fairly flush withhe ground (ie dig it in). Hard to do indoors with concrete. So use shallow container with no lip or ramps.

But think about this. You have a 10x10 area. You place a trap with a scented bait in the middle hoping they will come. But all along the edges of that 10x10 is rotting moist wood which essentially all scented bait. Now. Do you think you will catch them all by placinf a bait in the middle of what is essentially a buffet of isopid yumminess?

No. The only real sollution is see the angle of the subsoil, dig a perimeter around your house and drain it away. It depends on your huse but its not so complicated. If the land slopes, you dig a trench above your house down to clay or rock. Place drain pipe on the bottom and fill qith drainage rock (coarse gravel).ead the pipe down hill into a dtianage area, such as a ditch. Ideally the entire house should be drained as such but that is a good few dayswork and if the houses connected tonyours are not owned by you it might not be possible. Basicaly you want everythinf under ypur house tondrain down to drain pipe and be coars rock to allow drainage. Then graded up toward foundation. That equals a dry house. Only then can yous tart tackling indoor rot and bugs etc.
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