Anyone notice food shortages?

Probably not. The vendors cut to sell, or just cut and sell fast. if anyhinf i would probbly worry more about bacteria and sprays if anything. Cant speak for 711 style fruit that sits for days, but consumers shopping at 711 arent there for health food anyway.

Often times an acid spray is applied to avoid browning of certain fruits, but this isnt necessarily all bad. You can spray lemon juice on apple slices to keep them from browning as fast. It is common in almost all dried fruits, check the ingredients what they use. Some use slightly less nice stuff. If one buys fruit that has a year long expiry date you should know what youre getting into haha.

From facebook:

In USA, Taco shortage

Sure hope people wont be forced to eat healthy and local for too much longer!

Can you buy tostadas shells here? Now that taco bell was mentioned lol.

I’m surprised the store still have veggies today

In Demolition Man, the only restaurant that exists is Taco Bell.

Easy to make. I bet if you called any of the mexican restaraunts they can easily whip some up for take away or mail order…they are doing everything that way anyway. The cool thing is most latin food eateries in taiwan can speak English!

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I swear when I order on Uber eats here they never have the item. :frowning: Hopefully I can run to the store after work ugh