Anyone pregnant in Taipei?

Hi guys,

just looking for someone in a similar situation… :discodance:


[quote=“bgrose”]Hi guys,

just looking for someone in a similar situation… :discodance:

My wife is with our second child. You sound like we did a few months ago. She’s five months into her pregnancy. We’re still very excited, of course, but it sounds like you just found out. Congratulations!

Hey, congrats to you, too!
No, I actually found out a while ago, just feel much better now and able to think about meeting others and being outdoorsy again. :slight_smile:
I’m in my 4th month now, first one. You guys around Tienmu/ Shihlin somewhere? Well, if she’s curious, she can email or pm me anytime.
Nadya :smiley:

Hey there, Nadya! Congratulations! That’s great news.

I’m not pregnant, but I know several other expat ladies who are either expecting or have given birth in the last few weeks. Must be something in the water lately.

Enjoy your second trimester. It’s the best one. :slight_smile:

I have several pregnant ladies right now. Maybe I should organize a expectant mama social in the new year?

Plenty! Next year is the year of the dragon, after all!

PM me your Facebook acct if you have one, we’ll add you to the Tianmu Playgroups.

Yeah a expecting mama social would be great! :discodance: