Anyone remember Carlos the Jackal?

I do.It seems he’s upset at his French jailers.

[quote]Carlos the Jackal is upset

Given the kinds of cases they’re getting these days, French courts are starting to resemble clown circuses.

Last week a French court had to listen to “Goldfinger” George Soros’ whine about his human rights being violated for an inside trading conviction. This week, a French court gets to listen to Venezuelan “International Man of Mystery” Carlos The Jackal carp about not getting enough terrorist-issue Froot Loops inside his French jail cell. Apparently, pate and champagne aren’t happening for him these days in Paris. And for the Shagadelic Jackal, that’s no fair.

The Austin-Powers-era Marxist terrorist is actually suing in a French court over what he says is unequal treatment for international terrorists, not against ordinary criminals or compared to UN human rights standards – but against other, less-worthy, but more news-o-genic terrorists.

What The Jackal wants to know is why he gets a lousy jail cell in France while unshaven rag-bound Islamofascist terrorists get the luxury treatment over in U.S. terrorist detention centers in Guantanamo. For the Jackal, it’s not fair! After all, didn’t he once shoot up OPEC meetings and kidnap and kill as well as the newer whippersnappers? Why should he be jailed and forgotten like a criminal while newer terrorist whippersnappers get all the attention? (more at link) … ts_id=5465[/quote]

I for one am quite glad the French legal system acknowledges his right to complain, as stupid as it may appear.

And speaking of rights, why is it no one sticks up for p-a-t-e? Why should it be hip and shouldered into pinyin everytime it makes an appearance? It’s not fair, dammit!


Sigh, Carlos, he was a real terrorist. Never wore a towel.

Sunglasses, dark yacht (or something like that), blonde girlfriend…

Easy to catch such guys, in a whore house or bar. Or habor. But how to catch this towel fetishist Bin Laden… no chance…

What a load of old bollocks.

[quote=“Juba”]What a load of old bollocks.[/quote]Not really … earch+News

I have heard they don’t even give out Paco Rabane dressing gowns in French jails. Sacre bleu!

He has all the luck…a lucky Spainard!

Well, I doubt he wears Marks and Spencer. After all, he shot their president.