Anyone ride the Airport MRT today?

So I’ve got a somewhat long commute (Linkou to A18) to work, and the train stopped between stations on both the way to work in the morning, and the way back in the evening.
Did something happen? Was there some kind of damage to the track?
What a shitshow…

There was a large earthquake last week. Perhaps?

pretty sure it’s not that…

I don’t know, maybe there was a track obstruction? Maybe a worker is on the track when he shouldn’t be causing stoppage? All kinds of reasons. If it stopped briefly then it’s likely not anything to be concerned about. Also stoppage could be due to scheduling issue, meaning a train went faster or slower than they should causing trains to be too close for comfort. Trains have schedules for safety.

It’s also possible a problem was discovered on a train while underway and so it had to go back to the garage. This happened on the MRT sometimes too, it never makes the news. When a train has to go back to garage it obviously leads to schedule disruption and so some trains may have to stop.

How long did it stop? If the trains are delayed by 30 minutes or more (assuming the network is run properly, ie. not TRA) then it’s definitely a major incident.