Anyone taking their kid to Tianmu Halloween?

The yearly Halloween event in Tianmu is on today. Is anyone else taking their kid? If you see a 3 year old in a black and green witch costume, that’s my daughter. Come say hello to me


I’m hating it already. I hate crowds.

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Thanks for the heads up. I forget about this every year until I need to leave my apartment and it takes three times as long as usual to walk anywhere.

It’s good fun, ruin Tianmu for all the rich snobs for a day each year


What is the Tianmu Halloween event and where is it?

Is it just a Halloween market, or is there more?

Tianmu Sports Park.

Based on my limited experience, it looks like it’s queuing for treats.

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That trope is a few decades out of date. It’s way cheaper to live in Tianmu than Xinyi or Da’an. If I were rich I’d live downtown.

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I was just going to say. Like what, all 5 of them? :joy:

That may be the epicenter, but it’s really all of Tianmu. All the sidewalks filled with little munchkins and their parents all day. It’s pretty cute, but not conducive to getting anywhere on foot at any kind of reasonable pace.

There’s still a higher rate or wealthy people in Tianmu than in the average neighbourhood. I’ve seen a Ferrari, McLaren and a Lamborghini within 10 minutes today


There’s still old money (and children of old money) here for sure, but I have to laugh at the idea that it’s all full of rich snobs given what I pay for rent here vs. what I’d have to pay for comparable space in the actual expensive parts of the city.


Yep, I saw 8 G wagons and 2 land rovers walking from the sports park to the supermarket that replaced Jason’s

I don’t know how many dark gray SF90 are in Taiwan. So, maybe this is the one I saw last week.

Good riddance.

It was eye opening for me to see how this Halloween thing seems to be catching on—not just in Tienmu but in other districts of the capital, with cute costumed kids collecting treats in Nangang of all places! (I saw this with my own eyes and could hardly believe it.)


I don’t have kids, but I live in Tienmu. Couple of years ago I saw quite a few kids wearing constumes of positive express covid test with two stripes, unfortunately did not bother to take photos, as was in a hurry walking on the main street, although it was quite funny :laughing: This year nothing like this.

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