Anyone tried Lxburritos?

If Mexican food gains enough popularity here, you’d soon find 三杯 burritos or stinky tofu burritos.

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thanks, I hate it.

Come to think of it, stinky tofu should do pretty great with salsa.

can’t tell if you’re kidding, but thanks even more for that horrifying taste on my tongue now as I try not to imagine what salsa/chou doufu tastes like and fail miserably.

Looks much closer.

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Good, I think in Taipei you have more choices you meet your desires.

Getting back to the original poster’s question, no, I haven’t tried the Lxburritos. I’ve seen their ads and they look pretty good. Has anyone here tried them?

OK, so, I ordered a sample pack on Monday afternoon. It was delivered on Wednesday morning.

puts on flame proof suit

The packaging was well done, from the outer wrap, inner bag, to the wrapping of the burritos themselves in baking paper. Each burrito is marked with a single letter to denote the flavor.

I followed the instructions & heated a couple straight away. 40mins at 180 degrees for still-frozen burritos was spot on.

As for the taste, based on the commentary on this thread I feel very unqualified! I liked them enough that I would order again :slight_smile: I totally get that sometimes ‘fusion’ flavors turn out badly, but in this case they’re done well. The ‘korean beef’ was definitely more ‘burrito’ than ‘korean’ - inoffensive and tasty :slight_smile: As for the classic, it compares in-line with my (admittedly limited) experience in places like San Francisco & Austin.


Great review!

I’m jealous that you appear to have access to an oven. Good for you!


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Fifieldt don’t tell them you have a dishwasher, they will be inconsolable.


I dunno, I think we’re at a stage now when Korean tacos are pretty old school. They’ve been around for over two decades now.

Sounds good, better than Taco Bell Japan fusion.

Was hoping to see some cheap burritos… but looks like an average cost of 200 per burrito, is this large or small burrito?

I feel like at this price I could have just gone to Eddie’s. I guess I used to be spoiled about 50 cent burritos at Walmart.

That’s about NT$14.

That will get you about one (1) steamed bun here in central Taipei.

Maybe stuff would be better value in regional cities where decent meals can be had for NT$50 - NT$60.

But burritos? No.


Well those steamed bun is about the size of one of those 50 cent burritos, so it’s the same. Except I can’t drop it in hot oil and fry like 3 of them…

Still dreaming about that, eh?

Yea, and eat them with guacomole made from avogato.

The pictures look disgusting.

Are they on Ubereats to order them or location to pick them up?

Oh, they are in Hsinchu.

Got tired of reading about good Mexican food and having none around me.

Went out and bought all the ingredients and made my own.

That seriously hit the spot.

Plenty of leftover to last a few days.


this really is the only way if you want food to taste the way you expect them to.