Anyone up to the challenge of making a sticky about parties?

This one is for the Mods of this forum and anyone else who is up to the challenge.

Please, can anyone make a sticky about the political parties in taiwan? This would help to educate all of us and help us to understand the news a bit more.

1.) What are their acronyms. What do the Acronyms mean?

2.) What are their stances on reuinification?

3.) What are their tendencies (left wing, right wing, moderate)

4.) What are their histories, where did they come from, who started them, why?

It would also be nice to have a brief sticky on the history of CKS and SYS.


start from here and branch out: … _in_Taiwan

You’re probably better to rely on Wikipedia…I took a Taiwanese political delegation out in the States last year, and at one stop someone asked the “senior guy” on the trip to “just briefly outline what each party is about”. We almost had fistfights. Had to declare “no partisan political speech” after that and fortunately no blood was drawn, at least until they went back to Taiwan. :smiley:

From my observations the ROC parties are feeder programs to the ROC Olympic Sports Program. When the LY is in session they engage in demonstrations. Judo, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, Shot Put, and 100 Meter Dash, are just a few of the disciplines that shown on TV.

Well, we certainly can say the People First Party puts “people first” on its agenda, but it tends to be more in the singular form, as in James Song :laughing: