Anyone use a CTBC credit card?

Does anyone use a CTBC credit card and can recommend it? If so, which one do you use?

I use Citi. It’s the only bank that makes me feel like I am important to them.

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I got the CTBC/Line credit card a few months ago. It’s OK. I still haven’t used the points - it’s something like 1% value, but I don’t fully understand how it works. The app lets me keep track of what’s shown up on the bill, but I don’t (yet) have a CTBC account, so the app is limited in that way. The connection with LINE is useful in that it often gives me the chance to pay with my phone rather than worry about carrying cash around, and in places that take Line but not credit cards.

My current issue is that I can’t set up my (main) post office bank account to transfer money to pay the credit card, but I’m not sure if that’s CTBC’s or the post office’s fault. So for now I’m withdrawing a wad of cash from the bank and immediately giving it back to the bank to pay my bill, like I’m a barbarian in 1990s Canada / 2010s Taiwan.

I had Citi before, but I’m moving away from it because the annual fee for the airmiles card I’ve got doubled to NT$2,400, and I finally gained enough points to buy one ticket, which I’ve now bought. I’m planning to cancel that card early next year, and since Citi is sort of leaving Taiwan, I’m wary of continuing with them. Plus the card I have mostly disappeared from their website several years ago, so figuring out how the card actually works became complicated - e.g. website or phone tree inquiries got stymied when I had to choose what kind of card I had.

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Citi renewed me through 2026.

The new guys are stuck with the dirty foreigner! Maybe they used me as a practical joke for the new guys.



I have a Global Mall co-branded, get’s me free parking in their mall and some sort of points thing that I don’t use. They just renewed through 2027 without issue. I have heard locals complain about CTBC. I just complete the minimum number of transactions to avoid a yearly fee and use their car park.

I have their Linepay card, you get 1% back on all purchases in the form of line points that can be used a quite a lot of places including all convenience stores. I haven’t shopped around much so I don’t know if there are better deals around, but I’m relatively happy with the card and their service.

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Yes. For many years. Recommend co-brand with airlines, say China Airlines, for deals.

Service ain’t the friendliest nor fastest but IMHO none of them are.

I have the Taipei101 branded one, gives me discount at Jason’s Marketplace and free parking with purchases in the mall. It also comes with an Easy Card embedded on it which is the one I use for those rare occasions that I take the bus or MRT. They usually also have pretty decent options for the 0% interest paying in installments.

FYI paying at convenient stores for this card is only available at the 7-11 (Family Mart and OK Mart are closest to both my home and my office).