Anyone want to watch a video I just made from Xiaoliuqiu?

What do you guys think of it? I would like all opinions, but be constructive when using negative feedback. Thanks! Also, there is a hidden message I put in there myself in the video. Can anyone find it?


The photography is nice but the film is a bit cheese. Footage of you and your girlfriend and some turtles and urchins and rocks and bridges. The quality is good and the editing is good and the music is good but there is no content. It’s like a holiday snapshot album.

No interest in watching the 1001st I visited Taiwan (whatever place) these are my highlights.

So. Boring.

What kind of content would be interesting to put in?

What makes them more interesting??

I think some context and position will make it more interesting. Now it just look like a holiday snapshot.

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Talk, stories, wit, insights, interviews, content that you haven’t seen before.
I’m not your target demographic as I’ve been there many times. But what is the story you want to tell?


Here are some general thoughts on making travel videos for Youtube.

  1. Don’t expect anyone to like your videos. You are competing on the same playing field as millions of other Youtubers who do a better job than you because they are professionals, they have years and years of experience, they have made hundreds of videos. Very difficult to compete with that. So better keep your expectations really low.

  2. There are many channels with experts giving good advice for making good content. Instead of looking for advice on a forum like this, check out channels like “Roberto Blake” or watch Youtubers with a millions subscribers and try to figure out what makes them popular. The best advice these successful Youtubers give is: Make a lot of videos, a lot! No better way to improve than doing it over and over again and then some more.

  3. Ask yourself questions like “Why would anyone want to spend time watching my video?” "How does my content provide any kind of value to the viewer (the most import: does the video has any helpful information, less important: is it entertaining). People are interested in your video when they can gain something from it. What do they gain from your video? Helpful information about Xiao Liuqiu? Good vibe? Something else?

  4. Watching your video the first thing I noticed is 720p. 1080p is really the standard nowadays. No need for 4K yet on Youtube, but we are getting there. While lack of image quality is forgivable if the story is good, it doesn’t help you when the image is not as sharp as everyone else’s.

  5. Music. Finding the right music is quite a challenge, this is especially important if you have music for the whole length of the video and there are no parts with people talking. I find the music of your video quite distracting, maybe a little bit annoying even.

  6. Timelapses are a bit overused, but I am fine with yours, a bit too long perhaps. Doing those transitions with your hands up is cute, shows that you are creative and put some work in the editing. I probably would have spread those transitions throughout the video to have a better overall structure.

  7. The story. I think this is what every professional will tell you. You need to tell a good story. If this video is about having a good time with your gf on the island, maybe it would be better if you two guys appear in the first few seconds so that everyone knows immediately that this is about you guys having a good time. Then the whole video immediately makes more sense. The way the video is right now it’s a bit confusing.

  8. I have been filming videos in Taiwan for the past 2-3 years now and am by no means good at it. Maybe a bit better than when I am started. Getting people to like your video is an uphill battle, getting subscribers even more difficult, unless you make videos about food or act really silly in front of the camera (lot of young people here like that stuff).

  9. Bottom line: Do what you like to do. Don’t care too much about what other people think about it. Do your thing, do it often, get better at it, find the style you like, the rest will come eventually. :slight_smile: