Anyone wants a young puppy?

It’s about 2 months old, white and a little brown spot, female and it’s really really cute. It’s just a local dog not special breed. It’s belong to an old man in my neighborhood. He told me that he’s too busy to take care of the puppy so he simply tight the puppy outside his house almost all the time. He told me that he wants to give it away and I think it’s a great idea for the puppy :laughing: The puppy looks bored everytime I saw it. It’s actually a cute dog. I always bring my dog and play with him for a while. You too will like this puppy I guarantee.

If anyone’s interested in it please let me know. I’ll be appreciated for your kind help.

oh yeah please make sure you won’t tight the puppy or keep it in the cage before you make the decision :wink:

Does she have a nice, tight little a-hole?

WTF are you talking about?

You make me sick.

Go get yourself a shrink

It’s late and you was drunk, right? :astonished:
Otherwise you may really might want to go back home (wherever that is) and get some professional help.