Anyone with gluten problem?

My job gave me one of those drinks on Friday evening. A green tea drink with the balls in it. An hour later it was cold sweats, runs, later heavy vomiting, and I’ve been sick ever since with fevers, runs, vomiting, and general lousiness.

A friend of mine informed me that the little balls were made of gluten. I have somewhat avoided gluten for years for whatever reason (maybe a sandwich here or there or cereal, eggs and coffee with toast and not much else. I used to drink gallons of beer but I’m wondering if I had developed a tolerance that way and since I quit I’m more sensitive?

I’m wondering if they used toilet water for the tea drink (I never drink that stuff normally) or if it’s the ingredients. I’m pretty sure the rest of the food I drank that day was “clean”. It’s hard to say, really.

I went to the hospital on Friday night (could hardly walk or think) and they offered me a needle and an overnight stay, which I declined. They did recommend (I think) that I come back when I feel better and get tested for celiolac disease, otherwise known as similar to gluten intolerance disorder or something like that. I’m having trouble focusing still…

I hunted around the net a bit and if I don’t have stomach flu, it’s this. I couldn’t find any info on the duration of symptoms, but they are generally the same as what I’m feeling.

Anyway, anyone with Celeolac diseas/ gluten intolerance? More importantly, anyone been tested for it and / or knows a good hospital where I can get a good intestinal check up?

If I do have this condition, It would certainly explain a lot of things in general, including achey joints, lack of energy, upset stomach, canker sores, etc. Had these problem all my life…

Looking around the kitchen, I have a lot more wheat products than I thought…barf…

Hey canucktyuktuk, I posted this thread in the Food Forum a few months ago.

Ms 914 has the most severe form of celiac, as in if we forget to tell the waiter hold the toast that comes with the omelette and it comes on the same plate, we need to apologize and send it back. She has had a boba drink with the boba of course and there was no problem. Boba is not made of wheat nor any form of gluten.

I don’t know which place tests for celiac, but you did mention the hospital you went to suggested you return for celiac testing, right? So that hospital actually knows about this disease, which is a pleasant surprise.

Jason’s Supermarket has a ‘Gluten-free’ section. I have a picture of that signage (in both English and Chinese) on my cell phone to show restaurants, markets, etc when we shop. It’s really a chore living in Taiwan and not being able to eat most local foods. Soy sauce, deep fried stuff, soups, sauces, etc all have gluten. You just have to be very very cautious and dine at places that promise not to cross-contaminate (read $$$ restaurants). And remember to use different cutlery and pots and pans if you live with someone. Many snacks and chocolate bars contain gluten as well. Unless you buy them at Jason’s where it’s directly imported from North America and lists the ingredients, stay clear of them. Stick to rice-based everything, that’s the safest bet. But they must be imported rice-based everything, I have a feeling Asian rice cakes and snacks contain soy though I can’t prove it. And seaweed, avoid. Even vegies with garlic you buy from the vendor, best to avoid. Anything stewed and they say no soy? Avoid.

Feel free to ask any questions. I can’t help with medical stuff, but can help with where to shop, what to buy, where to eat, etc.