Anyone with recent experience importing a $1000+ USD laptop into Taiwan?

I did have a search first and could only find posts by myself many years ago :slight_smile:

When I did my previous imports, they were flagged by Taiwan customs and I had to get a BSMI document to go through - that was no issue.

However, I recently ordered a laptop from Amazon who sent via ECMS which instead of getting to Taiwan and then asking for documents, got stopped at LAX where it was held for a week then returned to Amazon with reason “Package is undeliverable and is returning to seller because the product price exceeds the destination import limit.”

At no point was I asked for any import documentation :frowning:

Was I just unlucky and should give it another go, or is there an updated procedure I now need to go through?


That’s odd, what have Amazon to say? Presumably it was under the shippable to Taiwan category?

Secondary to this, how much are you potentially saving by doing this? Can you share the spec.? Was looking on Lenovo’s site as they have random sales on laptops, just wondering if there is that much difference buying locally.

About 6 years ago I bought a laptop in the US, had it shipped to family for free in the US. Family then put it in a care package for me with a few other things. Declared it simply as “gifts”. Mailed is USPS airmail. Got to me without any problems.

It was a bit of a hassle and perhaps risky. I guess I got lucky.

Since then, I just buy in Taiwan.


I just wait until I’m in the US to buy such things, preferably in a state with no sales tax if I’m going to be in or near one, then fly back with it.

They didn’t say anything, just it will be refunded :disappointed:

The model I want isn’t available in Taiwan (even though it’s Asus, which is ridiculous) so that’s the only choice I have.

It’s this one:

ASUS Zenbook Duo Laptop, Dual 14” OLED 3K 120Hz Touch Display, Intel Evo Certified, Intel Core Ultra 9 185H CPU, Intel Arc Graphics, 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, Windows 11, Inkwell Gray, UX8406MA-PS99T

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Sadly not an option for me :disappointed:

I’m thinking to order it again and instead of using the Amazon free shipping offer, pay for expedited which I guess uses a better carrier… Maybe…

In my experience, even Asus products are cheaper overseas (shipping inclusive).

Best bet is to get it from the horse’s mouth (tax bureau).

Selecting the Ultra 9 gives me the message that it cannot be shipped to Taiwan.


That’s because there are none in stock with Amazon, only third party sellers (the price should only be 1699)

If I choose shipping to the US there is no problem

Definitely not seeing 1699 though, even for the i7

Yes because those aren’t sold directly by Amazon, they are third party sellers (and putting a huge markup on it)

The i7 should be 1499.

“Sold by” will be from “Amazon Export” or something like that.

The model in Taiwan only has a 1080p screen, not the 3k of the US version :disappointed:

I’m preparing for my trip to Taiwan. Is Amazon’s FREE Shipping to Taiwan a temporary offer or long term offer? Where am I supposed to see “FREE Shipping to Taiwan” - is it on product page after I add a Taiwan address?

In that case I just buy in Taiwan. It will cost a little more, but not enough to justify the hassle of shipping from the US.

Ok, so it came in stock again and I reordered it without using the free shipping option.

That should mean it’s sent with DHL so hopefully they should deal with everything needed :+1:

Let’s see…

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Certainly sounds like an Amazon issue…

DHL has its own bonded freight processing facility at the airport so less likely to be picked up by some jobsworth.

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Yea I found gaming laptops here to be so much more expensive than Amazon for the same specs or the ones here have a slightly lower spec for the same price… like offering a Nvidia 4070 while the Amazon offers a 4080 for a slightly lower price same brand same everything else etc.

Is that 0.25% difference worth the hassle of importing the laptop?

You mean 25% ?

No, 0.25%. It was a comparison between 4070 and 4080.

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