Anyone worked for Sunshine School?

Hi newbie here. I am considering yet another murky job opportunity at a kindy. Does anyone have any experience with Sunshine School? Thanks.

Do you have a work permit pemitting you to teach kindy?

Is it possible to get a work permit before applying for a job?

Teaching in kindies is illegal without the proper work permits.

Ok. Maybe it is best I look elsewhere. Thanks for the advice.

If the school is registered as a cram school and not a day school, if OP has an early childhood license from the ROC, their employer can apply for a work permit. But note that it better be a real cram school (half day/no lunch and naps) or OP will still be in trouble when an annoyed neighbor/parent who can’t get their child in rats them out.

I was offered summer work there. The manager of the school offered me 750 based on my experience. The area manager who turned out to be the owner’s son plead poverty and told me there was a probation period of 680 per hour.

I didn’t waste my time with them much longer.


I remember I tried to squeeze 700 from a job. They gave me some trash about losing teachers if they have to pay so much. At the time I was broke and really needed the work. Was hell for the whole contract. Hence why I am very cautious about what I am getting myself into. An offering of 600 to 650 is pretty hard to stomach considering how expensive everything is now. I’m sure this amount was the same 20 years ago. Heard it all before I guess. However I’m sure that the workload for teachers is probably worse now with kids that have learning problems. So much BS to just find a job and keep one here. Will run to the hills before I get shafted again.

I messaged you. Did you get it?

No sorry

Yes I did get it. Good advice thanks.

Kids don’t have learning problems any more than they used to. Parents have discipline-instilling problems. Even in the decade of teaching I’ve done, concepts like sitting down and keeping one’s hands to oneself have become MUCH worse and that’s because they’re just not taught by parents to children and MANY parents see such “demands” as “abusive”. Yet said parents don’t hesitate to smack their child silly when they realize the loss of face that comes from having such a problematic child.

But seriously people, anyone taking less than 700/hr or less than 60k/month really needs to reevaluate their life choices in 2024.