Anyone working at an Advertising Agency?

Hello again,

If you are working in any capacity for an advertising agency, I’ve got some questions for you.

1)What is the attitude towards westerners in your company? Are they expected to be able to speak/read/write fluent Mandrin?

2)Do you feel their work is “graded” with consideration to their race? Unfairly negative or unfairly positive?

3)Are the pay rates unfair in either direction in your opionion?

4)Typically, how long do successful interviews for positions in your company take? Obviously a portfolio of previous work is required but is the interviewee expected to make a group presentation of work? I would expect so but is it formal? (Standing in front of the “board” podium style discussing the objectives and success of each piece in detail?)

5)In inter-office working relations; what is viewed as a most desirable trait in a co-worker?