Anywhere that buys broken appliances?

I have a broken microwave that I want to get rid of. Somebody told me that electronic stores buy broken appliances. Anybody know about this?

Don’t know why a store would want a broken appliance, but some 2nd-hand stores selling all kinds of stuff are congregated along 汀州路 Ting Zhou Rd., closer to 西藏路Xi Zang Rd. I would scooter along there with a local friend.

Some recycling places might give you a few pennies.

Have you tried selling it back to the place you bought it from?

It might not necessarily work, but it’s always great fun to pretend to haggle by lowering your ask price when they insist they don’t buy used items.

There used to be a truck blaring Taiwanese music and a repeated message on its pa asking for old motorcycles and appliances.
I have not seen this truck for quite a while and I don’t really know the details. All I did was ask a friend what that truck was asking for.
All my friend said was they picked up old motorcycles and appliances.

If you want to get rid of it, leave it outside and it will be gone.

Otherwise if you find a scrapyard, they will give you maybe 20-50nt for it.