Aotearoa [New Zealand]

Don’t be fatuous Basil.

And when you do eventually get there, old mate Red Horse (or whatever he calls himself these days) will be there at the gangway to welcome you home.

If you’d mix that with a Polish place name, like Wrzeszczewice, you’d get a healthy mix of vowels and consonants… :whistle:


They were never in New Zealand, before humans.

Well, that’s just the sort of thing human oppressors would say, isn’t it.

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I’m confused. Am I from Nee Zild or the facist dictatorship of Australia?

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Not far wrong there now. They have really displayed their colours in the past month or so.


You see they’re making some returning Olympians quarantine in NSW for two weeks and then isolate in SA for a further two weeks? Insane….

Maybe it’s a million billion?

Yes I saw that, WA was doing that months ago too.

But these are Olympic athletes representing Australia…I’d be spitting tacks.

And rightly so, especially as SA dont have any inward flights from Japan.

Actually, I thought that all the Olympic people were coming back on Charter flights to Darwin and doing their Quarantine time there. Seems some didnt for whatever reasons. Either way, 14 days is enough, the pettiness of states making them do it in their Q joints as well is petty.

I guess he talking NZ plans (Hope Taiwan is low risk)

It means ‘land south of Australia and North of the icy land with high mountains and weird animals surrounded by water’?

I call it Red Star Australia.

They are lucky it wasn’t discovered by some Welsh folks.

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It means land of the wrong, white crowd.



The Dutch (William Dampier in 1688) were the first Europeans to set foot in what is now Australia (they called it New Holland then), but they didn’t think of worthy of planting their flag though - that was left to the UK in the form of Captain Cook in 1770.