Apache Gun Power in use! Overwhelming!

Look at the firepower of this apache gatling gun. It looks like it is shooting molten lead. Maybe it is. Looks like a laser at night.


Those are tracer rounds, so yes they look nice.

They won’t look so nice when you’re looking straight up at them. Yet another way to slaughter more people more effectively. Glad the US has it.

Now, talk about cool new war machines, have you seen the sniper tracking machine that mounted to Humvees? Seven microphones record the sonic boom caused by a round, and a computer tabulates where the shot came from, then swings a beeg gun around toward it and returns fire.

Keeping da troops safe.

My god that looks sweet! There was a video posted somewhere once (can’t find it now) where Jessie James had one of them on top of a SUV absolutely destroying a car, now that was an impressive video. I’ll search around to see if I can still find it.

‘Tracer’ rounds are typicaly loaded every 7th round. These guns are pounding out in excess of 1,000 rpm.

Here is another interesting video:Helo Thunder

And a good link for military vid’s:Military videos

Enjoy -