Apartments AND/OR hotels in Yilan County

Hey everyone, this is my first post.

My wife and I are moving to Taiwan in 6-8 weeks from America. I am a PhD student in Asian philosophy/religion who will be working primarily on pre-dissertation research, (done with all courses except for independent studies and comps).

My wife is a teacher/educator/former principal.

We applied for the MOE scholarship for language enrichment but for some reason did not get it, (told us today…quite late in the game). The program we had originally planned on going to at Fo Guang U. is near Yilan, where we still want to love for a) the cost, b) we both love nature, c) its close enough to Taipei and d) again THE COST. I can also utilize FGU’s library and facilities for research, with the occasional trip to Taipei and the universities there.

So we are still planning on going, picking up the language through immersion and self-study, (we both actually did this in Israel, before we ever met actually and were able to do it) I also know a few thousand classical Chinese characters, so I am not too worried about getting the language after being there a few months. If we could find another, cheaper, part time program to learn the language that would of course be an added bonus.

What we are looking for

  1. Cheap temporary accommodations in Yilan county for when we first get there. Anything above a hostel that we can afford. Any sort of sublets or month-month arrangements would be ideal.

  2. Apartment. We are looking for a 2-3 bedroom for around 9-11k NT a month. Must be dog friendly Yes, we are bringing our dog and have been going through the 180 day process, multiple tests, FDA in Kansas, yadda yadda. Our dog will actually be joining us about a month or so after we arrive due to the lengthy waiting period for the blood-serum test, then there are the 3 weeks of quarantine, which in a way is a blessing so we have ample time to find a suitable place to live. Furnished would of course be preferable but not a must.

If anyone knows of any places, for either of these, I would be forever grateful!!! :notworthy:

Or if you know of any forums, contact, etc which would be helpful, that would just be divine! :bravo:

Thank you so much in advance.

Confuzius is where you will find an apartment. They have a great map function that makes searching much much easier. You might want to simply contact a real estate broker in the area you want to live (Century 21 for example). They deaql with rentals and sales, and my guess is you speak Chinese, so this should be no problem for you.


Thank you very much! I actually do not speak Chinese yet, I can read OK (in Classical Chinese, modern I am pretty lost) and speaking is still beyond me…

Did you manage to find anything? If so, in what way? My wife and I will live in Yilan City for five months next year.