Apartments Near Chengchi University?

I am going to Chengchi University (國立政治大學) on the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship. My scholarship term starts in September (ends at the end of next May), so I suppose I will be going to Taiwan sometime in August. Things I’ve read here make it sound like there isn’t non-dorm housing nearby.

I feel that I am more productive when I am not sharing an apartment (much less a room); however, I’d prefer to be able to take a relatively short walk to class. Are there any (on-campus or off-campus) housing options that fit this description?

Sure. Loads of apartments around there.

Yes, and if you are willing to walk/use the bike, the options expand. It is a very nice area, with trails and mountains and the river park. If you are doing Internet seach, students and teachers usually live along Muxin Road, Zhinan Road in Muzha district, or up all the way in Xindian (nearest district).

Thanks, I’d prefer to be able to walk. Any specific suggestions?

As usual, come here, stay in a hotel/hostel temporarily , and choose after you arrive and have an idea of what you like.

If you can read Chinese, join Tsui Mama with the map function to look for stuff in the vicinity of the university.

just remember NCCU is not that close to the MRT so getting downtown is a trek.

Hi DuxTexanii,
I was browsing on the forum, and as I am also going to the NCCU (in February) I found your topic interesting, I thought you could maybe share your experiences with me. If you have some time, could you just tell me where, how quickly and what kind of apartment you finally found? I would be so grateful, I am starting to panic as February is getting closer…
Thanks a lot!!

Hi! I will also be there in February. I really do not want to live in the dorms as I have heard that they are really nasty. Did you have any luck, DuxTexanii? and rebillizi, I will try to contact you. I have just found this website and am still learning to navigate it. Thanks everyone!