I apologise for being a bit of a dick earlier.

you miss your buddy, we understand :hugs:

shouldn’t it be “for being a big dick” ? :slight_smile:




I didn’t see any posts where you were a dick but we all have those days, even those with a biggusdickus

Um, where did this happen?

Some people like dick.

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shouldn’t it be “it should be “for being a big dick”:slight_smile:”?

We need to shoehorn Trump in at some point. I’m sure we’re up to the task.

Don’t tempt me…

Trump never existed. It was a mass delusion. Probably a localised sandstorm which vaguely looked and acted human.

To err is human. One thing I try these days is to not use the word sorry, as it implies a personal emotional bias. Apologising addresses the concerns of the behavior. Saying sorry addresses the feelings of the instigator. I liked it that you gave an apology. For the record, I apologise often. :grin:

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Apology understood, but none needed!


Closed this to avoid getting into specifics about any posters.