App Specific For Selling/Buying in Taipei

In Singapore there was an App called Carousell, which was great for secure and safe buying and selling of second hand items. It was much useful and functional than eBay, and made specific for the market. Is there anything like that for Taipei (or Taiwan)?

You can use Carousell here, too.

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Thanks, I didn’t notice that before. The offerings seem smaller, so I imagine people aren’t using it as much here. But this is great, so thank you!

Also regional scope
A lot of Taiwan-based sellers so offers Taiwan payment systems
I think it’s aiming for the Etsy crowd

Pinkoi is good, it’s reliable especially in Taiwan and HK. Mostly gifts, crafty stuff…I wasn’t aware if they do any second hand stuff.

Thank you! I don’t know what Etsy is, but I’ll give Pinkoi a go.

shopee is what they use rigth now.

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FB marketplace isn’t a bad place either.

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