Appartament for a month

Hi everybody,
i’m an italian girl and i will come to taipei to study at NTNU University.
I and two friends would find an appartament or a place to live together for a month, in october…
Can you help us ?
What do you think is it difficult for only a month?

Please check Taiwanted for all your accommodation needs.

Yes but has anyone ever managed to rent a flat for such a short length of time in Taiwan, considering all the hassles of deposits etc?

There is a section for short-term leases. Haven’t checked myself but it’s a start …

Hmmm. 3 Italian girls, hey? i tried to convice my good wife to leave Taiwan for a month in October but she’s not buying it. Sorry.


Don’t stay with Rascal. He has ghosts.

You could “hotel it.” That is, you could get a hotel room for a month. Many places will offer you a monthly rate of around NT$25,000. You get clean towels and cleaning service every day. It might be a good option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of arranging an apartment.

Please note that when you leave in the morning, you may see many odd man-woman pairings leaving at the same time, i.e. old, ugly male with young, beautiful female. This is very normal in Taiwan, and has nothing to do with the fact that the young women may be very rich. Old guys just like young women in Taiwan. :wink:

You could rent a place and then just run out on the deposit, but that would cost extra money.

The other option is hostels. I have not yet stayed there, but there is a newer hostel near Shita called the “Eight Elephants” at which I will be spending a few weeks in May. Judging from the Web site and comments by others, it seems to be a pretty okay place. If there are five or six of you, you could rent the six-bed room and have it all to yourselves.

thank you very much for the answer… we prefer an appartament 'cause we can stay together… but if it is not possible we will look for a hotel/hostel… if you know something more let me know!