Apple Daily

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

There was a mini mart near Shihta, I was told, that had “hundreds of copies,” and this was at about 4 pm. I got two, a reading copy and a collector’s copy.

Bought the thing this morning…

It’s heavy, it’s dirty - the print quality is easily the worst around, your hands look like you’ve just finished a 12-hour shift in some coal mine - and it’s hard to tell the difference between the news reports and the ads. Lots of pictures, of course, semi-nude prostitutes is as far as they will go.

5 NT is all it’s worth, certainly won’t buy it again …

By the way, one article says they paid Christy Chung 22.5 million NT for her ad campaign. There’s a poster of her inside the paper, and - considering my moaning about the print quality - this poster is probably the best part of the rag !


OMNI wrote: “…and offering customers their services for NT$6,000 a shot (I thought that one would especially interest you, Formosa)…”

Yes, thanks for the heads up. I am taking a cab over there right now. NT$6000? Piece of cake! I will put it on my expense account…

OMNI also noted: “You were way off the mark there, Formosa. She wasn’t paid a mere US$25,000 – they proudly proclaim that she set a new local record for an advertising fee by pocketing a handsome NT$22.5 million for her efforts. She complained that climbing about naked on that pile of apples hurt a lot – but I guess the pay made up for it all.”

PLEASE NOTE: Omni, do not believe everything you read in a newspaper, especially a rag like Apple Daley (nice name for a porn star)… it’s all hype. don’t you realize they inflate figures all the time to make it sound so cool. She did not get paid US$500,000 for that PR campaign. Please! She got US$25,000, trust me. Jimmy Lai and Apple say that high figure because it makes it all look more glamorous and glorious and hyped up,a nd all the female readers will say, “wow she got paid that much for those ads!” and word of mouth helps sell the papers in the future. If they said the truth, she got a nice US$25,000 for those shoots, nobody would be impressed and there would be no word of mouth. Hollywood does this all time, PR fuckers do it all the time, publishers do it all the time, inflate inflate inflate. It’s the name of the PR game in this dog eat dog marketplace, so of course, APPLE says, look, we really paid alot for her! So it makes it look like they really did. They didn’t. Believe me.

Okay, so you’re gonna say: Okay, formosa, show me the money, or conversely, show me the proof! PM me and I will, Omni…

No Apple Daily to be found here in Kinmen, according to the clerks at all seven 7-11 shops it’s sold out (or has never been here wich I think is probably more correct) … :?

Christy was not paid what AP said, but I’d like to see the post of Formosa’s evidence of the 25K.

Wolfman, first ask yourself, how do you know Christy was not paid what AP said and then ask yourself how much YOu think she was really paid. Then write it down here.

After checking it out for two more days, I’m forced to give a big thumbs down to Apple Daily. Sorry guys, but your new rag is oversized, garish, dirty and smelly, and I take exception to your proclivity for publishing sickeningly graphic pictures of the bloody corpses of children. The one today of a child killed in a traffic accident was totally unnecessary and inappropriate – a print description of the accident would have more than sufficed for reporting such a tragic little story. With its paucity of thoughtful news coverage, and barely anything worth looking at in the way of girly pix, the Apple Daily is not worth the large amount of low-quality paper it’s printed on. I might glance at it from time to time to see what it’s up to, but I certainly won’t be buying it in place of my Liberty Times.

Perhaps it’s just one of the side effects of “free press”? (using the word “free” open-endedly)

What sells is what people “really” want, therefore, in the next issue, do more of just that… That’s why I would never spend a penny on trash-azines like that. But you’ve gotta admit, reading it once in a while IS entertaining… but nothing more.

Speaking of trash-azines… here’s something trashy…