Apple Juice and Laptops/Keyboards

I am in a pickle. I have quite a bit of computer work to do but two very important keys on my laptop are not working (right Shift key and Return). My daughter’s juice cup was next to me, I knocked it over and splashed apple juice on my laptop. :help:

With most laptops you can normally remove the keyboard, if you can do this, then it would be possible to “wash” it, gently dry it, replace and all should be well, had to do this myself a couple of times for the same reason. :sunglasses:

Thank you thank you thank you!!! :notworthy:

If you do decide to wash it, make sure it is completely dry before you use it again, even if you just wipe it down with a damp cloth. Any moisture is a risk for burning out your computer when you turn it on.

If you can’t wash it, you could simply attach a regular keyboard to the laptop.

What lesson did we learn today, kiddies? NO FOOD OR DRINK NEAR YOUR COMPUTER!

If worst came to worst, you could have just bought an external keyboard to plug into it. That was the ghetto set-up I had for my Dell POS laptop a while ago.

I thought this was going to be so easy. I have googled every variation of “how to clean keyboard compaq presario 2100”. I’ve even visited the compaq site, and nowhere does it show me how to flip the keyboard up. I’ve seen my husband do it but I’m too afraid to ask him. I might never hear the end of it. :loco: I emailed the guys at The Hub to see if I could just bring it in and have them take a look at it (at least show me how to flip the darn keys up so I can get to the mess.)

It’s official–I’m an idiot. I finally worked up the nerve to ask my husband (while he was sleeping, so he’d be less likely to see spilt juice under my keys) and it turns out his keyboard is the one that flips up so you can wipe underneath. :blush: So I visited Compaq, chatted with someone named Santino, and he gave me this link so I can remove my keyboard. :snivel: (Now I really understand why we were never allowed to have food or drinks in the computer lab!!!)