Apple Pay in Taiwan - any thoughts?

I see in the China Post that Apple Pay is now starting in Taiwan. I’m curious if people are going to use this, and what they think about it - and for that matter, how they use it!

My main concern is that my Apple ID is based in Canada, even though the iPhone was bought in Taiwan - I’m not sure if that affects how I can use the app in different countries. I guess payments bill directly to the credit card, and don’t go through my Apple ID account?

The China Post article says that PX Mart (全聯) will accept Apple Pay, which will be sort of useful - that seems to be the only place these days I ever use more than 100-200 in cash, apart from restaurants. I also wonder if there are any especially useful promotions out there.

My wife’s started using other mobile payment services, and recently has been trying to pay for things with JKOS / 街口, which seems to result in saving lots of money on a few purchases, but also spending more money in order to save money, so … my feelings are mixed.

I’ve never actually used Apply pay although I think I have it setup with my credit card already. PX Mart (全聯) accepting it would be great because that would mean I can use my credit card there.

I wonder if there will be a minimum purchase amount to use it? (i assume the store still will be hit with 2-3% credit card fees per transaction)

Here’s Apple’s page for places that accept Apple Pay:

Cama Coffee and Family Mart are also on that list - two other places, like PX Mart, where I’ve always used cash and wouldn’t mind switching to other means.

Hmm, if I can use Apple Pay at Family Mart, does that mean I’ll be able to pay my phone and power bills with Apple Pay via my credit card? Anyone know if I’d still get credit card points the same way?

I’ve never tried using Apple Pay or anything similar, but I have used a credit card with the Easy Card function on it, and that works well at places like convenience stores or even PX Mart. Those places don’t accept (most) credit cards, as far as I know, but they do accept Easy Card payments. If you use a credit card with the Easy Card function, the balance associated with the Easy Card can automatically recharge when it gets below something like NT$100.

The only problem I ever had was trying to make a purchase of something for NT$900, and the Easy Card wouldn’t work. I think if I’d kept the purchase amount to something smaller, like less than NT$500, then it would have been fine. I’ve only done this a handful of times because I don’t go to convenience stores often, but this is another option in the meantime.

Thanks … I’m a little weird about that. My Easy Card is for transport, damn it, and I’m not going to use it to buy food and drink! (I’ve got goofy OCD accountant genes, I guess. Plus I don’t want to make buying junk food too easy.)

The Apple Pay system certainly isn’t something I’d been eager to use, but I’m now realizing it may make things a little more convenient for me - and it’d be nice to get credit card points (air miles!) when paying the bills at Family Mart. Not sure if it’d work that way, however.

Until I saw that China Post article today I thought Apple Pay simply had me pay everything through my iTunes / App Store account (in my case, a Canadian credit card), and I didn’t want that at all. I didn’t realize you could set it up through different credit cards, and that makes it much more appealing.

Not gonna trust my money to Apple or Facebook.

I’ve got my Canadian debit card linked to Apple pay (Interac). Is this going to work in TW?

I’ve never used Apple pay before, but I love to use my credit card for the points. I’m definitely a points slut. (just joking…hope this is not a trigger word)

I think the “positive” to Apple Pay is that the store and the employee handling the transaction will never know your credit card number or be able to “clone” it. In some circles it is considered ‘safer’.

But it’s early days for this technology. I’ll be very interesting to see how it plays out in Taiwan. I use an USA credit card without foreign transaction fees so it would be great to use it at PX Mart since they seem to only accept credit cards from certain partner banks.

I’ve asked to pay bills at 7-11 with my debit card and they said no. I think it might have been a phone bill and car payment that time, not sure. But I wasn’t expecting them to say yes when I asked.

Anybody know of options for Android users? Samsung Pay isn’t here yet, but curious if there are other contactless card services that I could use my smartphone for.

Just some experiences:

PX Mart: You cannot use an overseas credit card. And they have partnerships with only 2 of the Taiwan banks for Apple pay.

(did not try it with Family Mart but they might have a similar policy with only partnered banks)

Hola/B&Q: If you have their loyalty card you can use it without restriction. When I was there without my friend’s card they said I couldn’t use it. Had to fish my credit card out of my wallet. how annoying :grinning:

Wellcome market: was able to use it with no issues.

You’re not trusting Apple to handle your credit card really, you’re bank probably has less security then Apple as their sending an encrypted token every time.

Family is partnered with Taixin but are supposed to be rolling out for all cards as of next month. I don’t even know why they would partner just with one bank like, and lose out on the other six banks that are offering it already. And there’s never an issue with being able to use an overseas card unless it’s because they partnered with a bank or two like that’s not apples doing it’s the retail location

Question about using Apple Pay here: many places now have little icons saying they accept Apple Pay. But when I actually try to use Apple Pay (with my iPhone), sometimes I can’t, because they don’t accept the credit card I’ve got registered with Apple Pay. How can I figure that out before wasting everyone’s time at checkout? Is there some kind of symbol I’m missing informing shoppers “which version” of Apple Pay is accepted?

If it matters, I’ve got a Costco-Cathay Visa and a Citibank Visa.

It shouldn’t even matter if there is an Apple Pay label; as long as there is a contactless symbol it should work. In my experience, Apple Pay works everywhere except 7-11.

Wrong. Some stores only accept certain credit cards. Just like Costco in Taiwan only accepts the Cathay Costco card. Chuan Lian doesn’t accept the Cathay Costco card, therefore my Samsung Pay doesn’t work there.

Out of curiosity, where was it denied. Off the top of my head, only Costco and Chuan Lian are the two that I can think of limited to certain cards.

Best way is to just ask at checkout which cards they accept.


Yup, was one of the issues when they first started rolling it out. It has gotten a lot better though, was caught out without my wallet and Jason’s still accepted my foreign credit card registered with my Apple Pay.

Still completely idiotic it’s like this though (except I guess the Costco issue, but thats a different thing).

Quan/Chuanlian/PX Mart (全聯) is the big one, because I go there a lot and it’s one of the main reasons I ever go to an ATM; I keep hoping that they’ll add other credit cards. I’ve had the payment not work somewhere else, but I forget where, plus that was a while back: I tried using it a few times back when it first rolled out, and it repeatedly didn’t work, so I quit trying. Good to know that it’s gotten better.

Not applicable to this situation is still useful information.

Apple Pay participating banks and card issuers in Taiwan

Bah! I’m usually the one catching wrong pinyin. :oops:

I usually just call it “full face” anyway.

*Yes, I know it’s not that “lian”.

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