Apple TV+

Anyone subscribe to Apple TV plus?

Besides Ted Lasso, which I can totally relate to, it seems kind of meh.

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Yeah I think AT+ is pretty lame (I did like the Ted Lasso series, though).

I think that making the app itself a kind of one-stop launchpad for all other apps in the AT universe works, though. At least I find myself going to the Apple TV+ app, finding and then clicking on other apps like Shudder or IFC. I find that pretty convenient. I think there’s probably some considerable future $ value in that kind of “hosting.”

I just wish Apple would reengineer the remote for the Apple TV 4G device. I like the infra-red signal, I like the idea of swiping, but I wish it wasn’t so easy to over swipe and go past my target.

Most of all I just wish the dang thing wasn’t so slippery and small because it seems to fall between the cushions of my couch and play hide and seek, and too often it wins. :grimacing:

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A yearlong subscription came free with an iPhone bought earlier this year; I was mildly surprised I can access it from Taiwan without a VPN. My iTunes account uses a Canadian credit card, so that may be a factor.

Ted Lasso is the only show I’ve watched on it. Well only two episodes so far.

Unlike Bojack, I actually really dislike the integration with other services. It’ll show me tons of shows and films, some from my library, others on Apple’s streaming service, others not actually available to me, but I need to go a few steps in to figure out what’s what. Or it thinks I can watch something on Amazon Prime, but I can’t, because I’m in Taiwan. There’s probably some configuration I can do to sort that out.

I’ve heard good things about some of the space stuff: maybe it’s For All Mankind?

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That’s not my experience. When I click on a title it tells me, in text just above the title, the site the linked title is pulled from (Apple, Prime, Peacock, Tubi, etc.). If I scroll down just a little ways I can see all the options available to me. I haven’t found it burdensome at all.

That said, I’m in the US now and it really works well here, maybe because there are so many apps hosting content on US servers.

I did have this issue :arrow_down: in Taiwan, too, though.


There is still very little content on Apple TV+. I think they know it themselves - they just extended my 1-year free subscription by further 6 months.

I’d recommend watching the Morning Show (series) and Greyhound (movie).

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That’s interesting, their extending your subscription. Hasn’t happened yet for me.

I agree that the content so far is lacking.

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