Applicant from Los Angeles: Given the current situation, how should I look for work in Taipei?

Hi Forumosa,

I’ve been thinking about teaching in Taiwan since I visited twice back in 2018. I was teaching in Korea at the time, but preferred the pace and culture of Taiwan to Korea.

Because of the overwhelming amount of information in this forum, I’ve decided to start my own thread.

I’ve heard from a friend who taught in Taipei that it’s better to get a job once you’re in the country, but I’m assuming now that with pandemic that I would need a job in advance once foreigners are allowed to enter again.

I’m currently looking on Tealit for jobs in Taipei and Taichung, but is it even worth looking right now?

So, should I get job in advance, and are there any well-paying buxibans or public schools that aren’t sketchy and hire teachers not currently residing in Taiwan?

Thanks guys!

What I’ve heard is FBI stopped providing background check. If this is still true, you can’t get a work permit now, even if you find a school willing to hire you from overseas.

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It is not a good time to come. Why not wait a while?


You shouldn’t.

Wait until this is over and then apply. Air travel, FBI checks, etc. a lot of stuff is shut down right now.


I realize I should wait to come, but when the time comes, is it better to have a job in advance or just come to Taiwan and look for work then?

It’s harder to find a job from overseas … both from the employer’s perspective as they can’t have a face-to-face meet and don’t know for sure if you’re 100% coming (some overseas applicants get cold feet and don’t move to Taiwan even after accepting a job), and from your perspective as you can’t check out the school and boss firsthand before accepting the position.

That said, people do still get jobs while outside the country. I would only accept if I knew the school was really good, so if you go this route I’d check out online reviews and maybe even email former teachers.

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Thanks Drew. Sounds similar to what I had to do before Korea, but I’ll do my research if any of these schools get back to me.

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Cheers! I also taught in Korea.

Nice! Do you have a preference?

It’s mixed. I was in a different place in my life …in my 20s and single/partying a lot, when I was in Korea. Now I’m in my 30s and married with a kid.

There are some things I miss about Korea (the food, the pop culture, night life felt a bit more exciting, wages were a bit better), but also some stuff I prefer about Taiwan (people are less nationalistic and more friendly here). If I had to choose, probably Korea, but I’m glad I could experience both.

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If I were you I’d just wait until this pandemic thing is over. Right now who knows. My sister was planning on coming over to visit (she lives in Ventura), and she’s not even bothering to look at tickets now. Too much weirdness on either side of the Pacific.

Wait until Taiwan is fully open for visitors again and then start looking.


I thought people without residency or citizenship couldn’t even enter the country at the moment, no?

It’s my understanding he’s now asking about what he should do when this is all over (whenever that’ll be). Personally, I think the buxibans/schools will be starved for fresh blood after having been cut off from the west for months, so it’ll be an employee’s market post-pandemic (at least compared to pre-pandemic).


I was thinking the same thing. I’ve got a friend who’s sick of his school. A good time to make a change if you ask me.

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Maybe , although the American economy has taken a huge hit which may lead to a rise in supply.

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Yes, the employee’s market will only last about 6 months to a year (depending on when international travel resumes), so it’s a “strike while the iron is hot” situation for sure.