Apply for 1st-time JFRV before arrival in TW?

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I did my best to search for JFRV related topics but didn’t see anything that addressed my particular situation. My ROC-national wife and I tentatively plan to move back to Taiwan later this year, after having gotten married in the US. I assume that she’s still on her household registration back in Taiwan, but I’m not sure.

Will it be possible for me to arrange a JFRV ahead of time through the regional TECO office? Would it be more efficient to do so? Or should I/must I wait until I arrive in Taiwan and begin the process from over there?

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Wow, I really stumped y’all this time, huh? :wink:

You could always try calling the regional TECO office to find out.

My advice would be to apply for a visitors visa through TECO and get your criminal record just before you leave the US. Bring it all over here and you should be good to go. No matter what, you’ll most likely have to contact TECO at some point, so you may as well ask them this question.

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Im in a similar situation…i will not be getting married in Taiwan OR my country of origin and want to findout if i can apply for the JFRV whilst overseas…(im in another Asian country)

Any experienced ppl out there…??? :unamused:

I served as the Chairman of the National Network of Foreign Spouses for many years.

To my knowledge it is necessary to complete all the procedures for obtaining a JFRV in Taiwan … however the laws are sometimes being updated so you could give it a try after you are married and with the marriage certificate in hand … (which, by the way, you need to get “certified” at the Overseas Taiwan Representative Office … )

However, it may also depend on the “interpretation” of the relevant laws/regulations by your nearest Overseas Taiwan Representative Office, so you would be best to ask them first … and when you ask them I would suggest that you say that you are already married … regardless of your true status. (You don’t want to give the impression that you are “fishing” for residency rights, because they suspect that the real intent of such persons is to come to Taiwan to do illegal activities … )

Thanks Hartzell, I will remember not to let the cat out of the bag when I visit the Taiwanese consulate in HK…

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