Apply for a TARC to avoid conscription?

I’m In the process of applying for a Taiwanese passport for nationals without household registration. I can only stay for three months otherwise I will be drafted into the military. In order to prevent this I was told I need to apply for a TARC so I can extend my stay in Taiwan without getting drafted. Does anyone else have this? How long was the process? And how long can you stay in Taiwan with it?

Any help is appreciated!

Yes. You may apply for the TARC which will allow you to live and work in Taiwan for up to 3 years, and then you can renew it again at least once (and perhaps more).

You will NOT be conscripted until one year after you get your national ID card (that is, if you decide to get it). This means you can potentially live in Taiwan on a TARC for at least 6 years (plus 1 additional year on an ID card) without being drafted. Just make sure you turn 36 by the end of that 7-year period.