Apply for APRC and change passport number at the same time?

Unique situation, wondering if anyone else has the same experience.

I just renewed my passport from my home country, which caused my passport number to change. This means I now have 15 days to update the passport number on my ARC. However, I’m also currently planning to apply for an APRC.

  1. Can I apply for an APRC and change my passport number at the same time? Or does this require me to update info on current ARC → wait for new ARC to be issued → apply for APRC?

  2. I don’t have my old passport, and the passport office in my home country won’t send it back within the next 15 days. Will this affect the APRC application process and/or ARC renewal?


Change the number now. Then apply for APRC when new ARC received.

It shouldn’t.

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To answer my own questions, I called the foreigner helpline on 1990. They tried to answer, but advised me to speak to my local immigration office:

  1. Change of information and applying for APRC can be done at the same time.

  2. Old passport is not needed when applying for an APRC.

These answers might vary depending on which immigration office you call and which officer you speak to.