Apply for ARC?


I have a work permit but am debating the merits of getting the ARC. I travel quite a bit for work, and have the multiple re-entry visa. I was told that I do not actually need to get the ARC in order to work (since I have a work permit), and will be fine as long as I don’t overstay my visa. Does anyone know what benefits I forfeit by not getting the ARC??


If you have residency here, you are required to apply for an ARC within 2 weeks. The application time for your ARC is about a week, unless you need it immediately. We received my husband’s in one day. The ARC allows you to stay in Taiwan for a specified time. Each year is $NT1000 per year.


Why was I under the impression that in order to have a work permit in the R.O.C., an ARC was required from the get go? Or is the other way around?


A work permit and a resident visa go hand-in-hand. You absolutely must get the ARC, and there is no way around it. Sorry!


Yeah, the work permit and the ARC goes hand-in-hand.

To make an analogy, it’s the same as having a 10-year multiple entry visa in the USA. You can get in out of the US (for the maximum duration of 6 months for any one time) but having a US multiple entry visa doesn’t allow you to engage in gainful employment or work in the US LEGALLY speaking.

What do you miss by not having an ARC in taiwan?

  1. Do you have a tien pao (health insurance card)?
  2. Do you get taxed here? (If your salary is subject to tax, then you might not be getting the right tax exemptions.)


After receiving a resident visa, you should apply for an ARC at the nearest Foreign Affairs Police Station within 15 days. After you pay for your ARC and it is issued, you should also be sure to get a multiple RE-ENTRY PERMIT, which is a sticker that will be placed in your passport. The validity will be the same as for your ARC.

The RE-ENTRY PERMIT is your permission to re-enter the ROC if you travel abroad.