apply for Huayu Scholarship

hi everyone!!!
I am a former engineering student in a Spanish university and I am very interested in the huayu scholarship, I will finish my Bachelor degree in June 2018 but I am already looking for information about the scholarship because I love the Taiwanese culture and the next year I will try it!!! and i really want to go there and learn Chinese in Taiwan.
I have some questions about the selection process and maybe you could help me!
What are the criteria to accept candidates for 6 months or 1 year? For Spanish citizens, there are double scholarships for 6 months (8) than for one year (4), that means more chances for 6 months than for the whole year but in the application form you have to choose between the 2 options (just one of them) and I would like to go to Taiwan for one year but if I have to choose between 6 months or nothing I will definitely going to apply for 6 months.
if I have no idea of Chinese I have the same chances to be accepted for the whole or for example 1 year usually is just for people who have a minimum Chinese level?
if someone in this forum have been selected and/or could give me some tips for have more chances to be selected for the whole year scholarship i will be very greatful!!! it is really hard to find information about it, especially in spanish.
Thank you for take your time to read my questions.