Applying for Son's Taiwanese Nationality (Parent is National With No Household Registration)


I am a Taiwanese National with No Household Registration (I have an ARC) and my wife (foreigner) is pregnant now, which is good news!

However I wanted to know if there is anybody in my situation who could point me in the right direction to know if our child will have Taiwanese Nationality. Our marriage is registered in Taiwan.

I suppose he won’t get Citizenship (as I don’t yet have one because of the military draft) but as far as I know our child would still get the Nationality in a similar matter to mine as my dad is a citizen of Taiwan and the kid can apply as a relative of my dad.

I will go ask the offices but just want to know if anyone is in a similar situation.


Article 2 of Nationality Act says "A person shall have the nationality of the ROC under any of the conditions provided by the following Subparagraphs:

  1. His/her father or mother was a national of the ROC when he/she was born."

So, your son will surely be a national.

If he will be born in Taiwan, it might be a little easier for him to get a citizenship if you/he might want.

Really? I was under the impression that place of birth is irrelevant when it comes to conferring nationality/citizenship of the ROC. I am far from an expert, so if others can correct me here I would be happy to learn more.


I’m not very sure, but iirc, I’ve read some regulation gives different requirement for those who were born in ROC.